"Golden Beach" Holiday Village / Location and Climate

Location and Climate

7856«Golden beach» Recreation complex is located on the Northern coast of the Sea of Azov, on Berdyansk spit - the wildlife preservation, away from the industrial area. The large landscaped territory of the recreation center and its infrastructure are ideal for the rest and health improvement of any category of tourists: families with children, the elderly people, youth and calm rest lovers.

Recreation center is designed for 470 accommodations and has a large area:

  • 2 large buildings (4-storied and 5-storied)
  • 2 3-storied buildings
  • log house (2-storied)
  • 2-storied detached bungalow
  • 2-storied wooden cottages

7896The advantage of the recreation center is its convenient geographical location and the combination of the 5-storied sleeping building with the medical and sports facilities, dining hall, winter garden, entertainment center, restaurant and billiards room.

The climate in this region is moderate continental, fairly dry, with long dry and wet summer, with plenty of sunny days, and little snow and mild winter with frequent thaws.

The duration of sunshine within Berdyansk spit is 2320 hours per year, it is on the average of 400 hours more than in Sochi. The quality of solar radiation is close to tropical. The average air temperature is +18C° and continues during 180 days a year. The maximum temperature is in July and in August +38С°. The spring lasts here from the mid-March to May 5-10 when the swimming season is opened (the water temperature is +15 C). The relative air humidity is the lowest in August 60% and the maximum in October and in March 80%.park117

The summer and the swimming season on the Berdyansk spit begin in the middle of May, the water warms up quickly and by this time reaches to 20-23 C (in the lagoons to 30 C). These weather conditions are more comfortable than in Yalta and Feodosiya, Yevpatoriya and Odessa, Tuapse and Sochi. The average sea temperature is 18 C, during 128 days a year, which determines the long swimming season. The maximum sea temperature is 30 C.


In the time of “Velvet” Season (May, September and October) the weather is getting calmer, there are no scorching rays of the sun all day.